Advanced Technology

We pride ourselves in being one of the most technologically advanced cleaners in the world. Whether it's the Parkway Cleaners App or our advanced equipment, we invest in the technology that either provides you with a more convenient customer service experience or a higher quality finish product.

Care Tips and Symbols

Do you read the care label in all of your clothes? We do... See what all those symbols mean. Also, check out some care tips to help protect and care for your favorite garments.


Awards and Certifications

It feels good to be recognized. Being the best in our industry is in our DNA, and you don't have to take our word for it. We have been vetted, tested, and examined by third-party industry experts that all guarantee we are the best, although perhaps the most gratifying awards are the ones that come from our customers. See our proven track record of superior quality and customer service.


We believe in and practice the "three-R's" of waste management. Reduce, reuse, and recycle is our mantra to conserve natural resources, reduce landfill space, and mitigate our use of energy. Check out how we are striving to make our corner of the world a better place for the future.


  • Selected as one of America’s Best Dry Cleaners
    The America’s Best Cleaners certification process is one of the most stringent independent certification processes in the garment care industry.  An America’s Best Cleaner is a quality conscious, detail-oriented business that finds success through their passion for fashion, people, and life.

    Using the most comprehensive independent certification in the fashion care industry as their guide, these affiliates are continually recognized as the best in their market. The “Selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners” seal assures you will receive the utmost in professional care.  America’s Best Cleaner certifies dry cleaning establishments, and is no way beholden to any special interest group, separate corporation, or any other outside entity.

  • Edmond’s Favorite Dry Cleaner
    This is given by readers of the Edmond Life and Leisure based on their votes as to their favorite Dry Cleaner in Edmond.  Parkway has won this award many times.

  • Reader’s Choice Award
    This award is voted on by readers of the Oklahoman.  Parkway Cleaners has won this award many times.

  • Sunshine Award
    This is given by readers of the Edmond Sun based on their votes as to their favorite Dry Cleaner in Edmond. Parkway has won this award many times.

  • School of Dry Cleaning Technology Certifications
    Parkway Cleaners has graduated three people from the School of Dry Cleaning Technology with certifications in advanced garment care and spot removal.  Since 1927, the School of Dry Cleaning Technology has been the educational system that has taught dry cleaners the basics and advanced methods of effective cleaning. This week long intensive training and testing program incorporates all the facets of couture care.

  • Keep it Clean, Keep it Green Award
    Award from Edmond Beautiful for helping establish, enhance and empower Edmond, Oklahoma toward a better environment for all generations.

Care Tips and Symbols


It may be tempting to try to remove a stain using a home remedy like club soda or hairspray when you can’t get the garment to us right away and you are afraid of letting the stain dry.  But unless you know the chemical makeup of the stain and the stain remover, you are likely just to set it or spread it around.  Rubbing on the stain may only remove the color from the fabric, leaving the stain behind.  Be patient, and bring it to the experts at Parkway.  Let us know what the stain is, and if you weren't able to restrain yourself, how you may have treated it.  Parkway will take care of the rest.  

The packaging your clothes are sent home in are meant largely for safe travel and should be removed before storing. Moisture can form underneath those bags if you have any type of humidity control issue, causing spots or even mildew to form that may not be removable.  Remove the packaging to allow the clothing to breath.

If you notice tiny holes with raw edges on your natural fiber clothing when you get them out for the winter, the culprit may be moths or silverfish.  When you put your clothing away for the warmer months, it is tempting to store them without cleaning them, especially if you cannot see any spots.

Cleaning is absolutely necessary, however, as it is not the wool the vermin are attracted to, but the organic traces, both visible and invisible, that we leave behind.  Bring your winter wear to Parkway at the end of the season to make sure they are ready to wear for the next year.

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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Bar Coding
Each garment to come into Parkway's care is assigned an individual, hidden barcode.  The barcode lets us know not only how many times each garment has been in, but where it is at practically anytime while in our facility.  Therefore, we can be our most accurate when it comes to getting your clothing back to you on time. 


Metal Progetti Automated Assembly Conveyor
After our extensive cleaning and finish process is complete, our Metal Progetti automated assembly conveyor uses bar codes to collect the garments in your order and gather them together.  When this conveyor was installed in 2005, there were only 7 others of it kind in the United States.  Such conveyors are typically only used for larger manufacturing and assembly applications.

Metal Progetti Automated Storage Conveyor
Parkway opened its new customer service building in January 2009.  It is home to four huge automated storage conveyors manufactured by Metal Progetti.  Automated storage means it will take less time to retrieve your finished orders when you come in.  Less waiting time means more time for the things that matter.

PolyPack Automated Bagging Machine
The job of bagging clothes in a dry cleaner is one of the most tedious and thankless.  No one does it anymore at Parkway with the installation of the eighth ever PolyPack automated bagging machine.  Fewer people bagging clothes means more people taking care of your fine garments.

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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning


Hanger Recycling
Bring your hangers back to Parkway Cleaners!  This gets them out of your closet and out of the landfill, as no recycling company we can locate will take them.  We are happy to take them and reuse them.  If they are in good shape and your fine garments will look good on them, we will give them a second life.

Fully Degradable Plastic Bags
It is said that it takes one thousand  years for shopping bags and dry cleaners poly bags to break down in a landfill.  Not at Parkway Cleaners.  The plastic bags in which your clothes are returned are fully degradable.  This means that not only do they break down when you bury them underground, as in the term "biodegradable", but they degrade in the air or water too.  Parkway also recycles plastic bags.  Another small way Parkway Cleaners does its part for the environment.

Wind Energy
Partnering with Edmond Electric, Parkway Cleaners is proud to purchase 100% of its electricity from Wind Power.  Relying on a renewable resource is one way to do our part for the environment.  Wind Energy is a great addition to clean burning natural gas that is utilized as well.

Water Recycling
Recycle water?  How can that be? It's actually very simple.  The steam for pressing that lies unused in the pipes, rather then be allowed to evaporate, is sent back to an energy efficient heat exchanger, heated back up, and used for washing.  An easy way to be green.

Distillation & Filtration
Though Parkway does five times the amount of business it did twenty years ago, we use one tenth the amount of cleaning fluid.  This is made possible through distillation and filtration of the solvent, ensuring that our cleaning agents are pristine, yet none goes to waste.  Oh, and you don’t have to trust us that it’s pure.  Once a month we send a sample to the Hohenstein Institutes in Germany, the world’s premiere textile experts, who check for you.

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